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Available Configurations

8' x 30'
12' x 46'
12' x 56'

At TEG Lease, our field offices offer an adaptable, efficient, and secure workspace solution for businesses on the move. Designed for ultimate flexibility, these portable units eliminate the need for stairs or ramps, providing instant access to a functional office space. Whether for a construction site, administrative tasks, or temporary office needs, our ground-level offices ensure you have a reliable and customizable environment wherever your business takes you.

External19′ 10 1/2″ (6.06m)8′ (2.44m)8′ 6″ (2.59m)
Internal19′ 4″ (5.89m)7′ 8″ (2.34m)7′ 10″ (2.39m)

Used across a variety of different industries and situations, field offices are useful in everything from agriculture to finance. Some common uses are:

  • Serve as an administrative hub for managing office tasks within an active worksite.
  • Offer extra space for various purposes, such as waiting areas or additional staff facilities.
  • Provide a temporary workspace during office remodels and renovations.
  • Function as a controlled environment for sensitive equipment storage and operations.
  • Offer a base for field research teams in remote or temporary locations.

Delivered right to your job site, TEG Lease's mobile field offices offer a flexible workspace without sacrificing security and durability. Field offices provide the support needed for operational tasks, allowing quick access to administrative materials in a secure, convenient location.

  • Textured drywall ceiling.
  • Textured drywall walls.
  • Sealed and painted floors with a non-skid finish.
  • Large planning table(s).
  • Built in desk space.
  • Office/Storage Combination units have a doored partition.

Our portable office units are crafted from 100% corrugated steel, known for its strength and durability. These units are weatherproof and capable of withstanding harsh conditions, allowing you to rest easy knowing your materials are safe from elements. We also offer a range of locks for rent to guarantee the constant security of your valuable commercial supplies, equipment, and records.

Our ground-level offices require no installation and can be easily relocated. Delivered fully equipped, they are ready for immediate use. Should the needs of your project change over the course of its completion, relocation of empty units is included in all service contracts, removing stress from the moving process and allowing for workplace flexibility.

TEG Lease’s Essentials program offers a comprehensive solution to maximize the efficiency of your mobile office. From furniture to lighting and appliances, we provide everything needed in one streamlined package. Essentials orders can be placed alongside your TEG Lease units, and our team will deliver all products in one trip.

Since 1983, TEG Lease has revolutionized the commercial storage and portable workspace sector. As America's largest and most trusted provider of portable office and commercial storage solutions, our orders are usually fulfilled within 24 hours, offering rapid access to needed supplies. Additionally, our customer service team is award-winning, providing support throughout your rental period. With an inventory designed for flexibility, TEG Lease offers reliable mobile office rentals that simplify temporary space acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our portable office units are crafted from 100% corrugated steel, rendering them both weatherproof and capable of withstanding harsh conditions. You can rest easy knowing your materials are safe from elements. We also offer a range of locks for rent to further guarantee constant security.

Yes, our portable offices are weatherproof and capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

The measurements for these units can be reference in the following table:

External19′ 10 1/2″ (6.06m)8′ (2.44m)8′ 6″ (2.59m)
Internal19′ 4″ (5.89m)7′ 8″ (2.34m)7′ 10″ (2.39m)

We deliver storage solutions. We deliver immediate benefits.

Lower Space Costs

Ground level offices cost far less per square foot than commercial office space.

Lower Transportation Costs

Instantly eliminate time-consuming and costly trips to and from the job site.


Delivered right to your job site providing immediate access to secure office space.

Increased Productivity

Your papers are available when and where you need them. No costly downtime.


Offices are ground level or dock height and can be placed anywhere you need.


Lock up sensitive paperwork on the job and eliminate costly security breaches.

You have enough to do. We’ll handle your office needs.


Easily schedule online.

Whether you need one ground level office or a dozen across the country, our dedicated drivers will swiftly and carefully deliver your unit directly to your job site. Once on the job site, we will help you find the safest and most convenient place to set up your ground level office and show you how to use the specific features on your unit.


One call and it’s done.

For customers with long-term logistical needs, we can relocate your empty ground level office to your next job site. Our goal is to make each and every aspect of your experience with TEG Lease as seamless as possible and we make sure that relocating your units meets that standard.


Schedule online and relax.

We make returning your unit as convenient as possible. Easily schedule a pickup of your ground level office through our Customer Portal or give us a call.

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