Container/Ground-level Offices

The Container/Ground-level Offices feature a light interior, creating an inviting work area. The floors are sealed and painted with a non-skid finish.Stacked containers with heat pumps from TEG Lease ®

All offices come with:

  • Heat pump
  • Digital thermostat
  • Planning table
  • Built-in desk and more.

*Requires 220 volt and 60 amp on your temporary power supply.

For added security, the office units feature steel personnel doors, as well as heavy steel bars on the windows and air conditioning units.

The combination office/storage units have easy access double doors with a high-security locking system and make the perfect solution for managing projects while on site.



High-security Office Storage from TEG Lease ®USER FRIENDLY FEATURES:

Wide, easy-to-open doors on one or both ends
Convenient, ground level access
High security locking system
All steel storage units available sizes:  8’x10′,8’x20, 8’x22′
Ventilated to reduce heat and humidity

Delivered to your location clean and ready to use


High security locking system from TEG Lease ®









DSC_0084 (4)

40 ft. office storage container







40 ft. office storage from TEG lease






TEG 40 ft office storage interior







TEG 40 ft. office and storage container



8×40 Ground Level Office
8×40 Ground Level Combo
8×20 Ground Level Office
8×22 Ground Level Combo
“When and Where
You Want It”


Our ground level storage units are built specifically for storage. American-made, all steel units are solidly built to provide maximum space and security… double doors on each end provide easy access… the perfect solution for all your storage needs.

Delivered clean and ready to use…

Each unit is delivered to your location clean, odorless, and ready to use. You can store tools, equipment, seasonal items, excess inventory, furniture, even business records. Store whatever you want, for as long as you want, right at your location.

Click Schedule A Delivery to arrange for the delivery, when and where you want it.