Why Lease?

TEG Lease ® is the leading supplier of mobile containers, high-security storage, field offices, ground-level offices and over-the-road trailers.

Our high security locking units give you the confidence you need.

Why Lease from TEG?

  1. Prompt and courteous service delivered “when and where you want it.”
  2. High security locking units provided at no additional charge giving you the confidence you need.
  3. Skilled laborers and talented drivers that work together to better service our clients.
  4. Water tight ground level storage containers ensuring your items stay dry.

Why leasing makes sense:

  1. Lower Space Costs. Storage containers cost you less per square foot than public warehousing.
  2. Lower Transportation Costs. Eliminates costly trips to an offsite warehouse.
  3. Convenience. Storage containers and conex are delivered right to your business, or job site, providing immediate access to stored materials and equipment.
  4. Security. Inventory on your site and under your control eliminates breakage and pilferage.
  5. Increased Productivity. Materials are available when and where you need them. No costly downtime.
  6. Flexibility. Rental storage containers are ground level, or dock height, and can be placed anywhere.
  7. Stop Job Site Theft. Lock up your tools and materials. Cut your losses on the job.

At TEG Lease ®, we understand that we are simply an extension of your company’s business and the service that you provide to your client. It’s the very reason we maintain our fleet of  High Security Ground Level Office and Storage for the commercial and industrial markets.